Prof. Elizabeth Grierson



Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand http://www.vulcanchambers.co.nz/ 

Australian Lawyer (Vic)

Emeritus Professor RMIT University Melbourne Australia 

Lawyer Editors’ Collective Council (EPAT Journal)






  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education, Auckland)
  • Juris Doctor with Distinction (RMIT University) 
  • MA 1st Cl Hons (Art History Auckland)
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (College of Law Victoria)
  • BA (English Literature Auckland)
  • Diploma of Teaching (Auckland)
  • LSB Licentiate Diploma (NZ Speech Board Wellington)
  • ATCL Associate Diploma Trinity College London (University of London) 

Life Fellow of Royal Society of Arts for encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers & Commerce (UK) 


  • Significant reputation for academic management, scholarship and research, publications and conferences.
  • World Councillor of InSEA International Society of Education through Art (2006-12 two terms);
  • Represent NZ, Australia & Pacific region at World Creativity Summits, Taipei Taiwan and Newcastle UK;
  • Appointed Head of School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne Victoria Australia (2005-2012) Head-hunted for the position while Associate Head of School of Art & Design, AUT University.
  • Appointed Adjunct Professor AUT.
  • Professor RMIT; leading researcher in the  Design Research Institute and Centre for Art, Society and Transformation .
  • President NZ Art Educators Association, New Zealand (2001-2005, two terms);
  • President Royal Society of Arts for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (NZ, 2003);
  • Represent New Zealand at UNESCO meetings in Fiji for arts education in Pacific Region (2002);
  • Represent New Zealand in public speaking World Finals, International Training in Communication, St Louis Missouri, USA.

LAW See gressonlaw.com 

BARRISTER at VULCAN CHAMBERS BARRISTERS AT LAW,  Vulcan Lane Auckland https://gressonlaw.com/

  • http://www.vulcanchambers.co.nz/
  • 2016-cont.  lawyer for Editors’ Collective Council  http://www.editorscollective.org.nz/ 
  • Continuing research in law and education: cyberbullying, law of evidence, fiduciary duty in employment law, contract law, criminal law, restorative justice, defamation, intellectual property and publishing laws, women in law, refugee laws.


  • Active researcher in education, art and aesthetics, law and justice;
  • Law research in criminal jurisdiction Interlocutory Appeals;
  • Visiting Research Fellow at University of Brighton UK (1997-98);
  • Active in establishing inaugural Global Studies Association at Manchester Metropolitan University UK;
  • Active in establishing Design Research Institute and Global Cities Research Institute, RMIT;
  • Leading researcher Design Research Institute and CAST Centre for Art Society and Transformation;


  • Law and Social Justice; Criminal law, Restorative Justice, Therapeutic Jurisprudence;
  • Cyber Laws;
  • Legal history New Zealand and Australia;
  • Philosophy of Education; Continental philosophy; Art and Aesthetics.

Current research projects:

  • Transformations: art and the city (book published 2017);
  • Jutland and Beyond (Battle of Jutland 31/05/1916);
  • Politics of knowledge in education;
  • Gresson family Judges 1856 to 1967: His Honour Justice Henry Barnes Gresson, first resident Judge of Canterbury and South Island of NZ;  His Honour Justice Sir Kenneth Gresson P, first President NZ Court of Appeal; His Honour Terence A. Gresson, youngest appointed Supreme Court Judge (now High Court) in NZ; His Honour Sir John Edward Denniston, first Judge wholly educated in law in NZ.


  • 42 books, book chapters;
  • 48 refereed journal articles;
  • 45 conference papers;
  • Editor of ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication Cultural & Policy Studies incorporated with EPAT Educational Philosophy and Theory, Routledge Taylor & Francis  http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rept20      http://www.tandfonline.com
  • Responsible for two special issues of ACCESS Journal per year.


Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.

  • Keen understanding of art and aesthetics both theoretically and practically;
  • Ability to bring theory and practice together in viable working relationship;
  • Exhibited artworks in New Zealand for over 20 years prior to academic management and law;
  • Built a strong reputation for compelling lectures on art and art history at the University of Auckland Department of Continuing Education: Women in Art, Women Studies, New Zealand Art;
  • Well known for advocacy of creative disciplines in education; and public speaking on art and education;
  • Strong reputation in NZ, Australia and internationally for educational work in art and aesthetics.

Doctorate supervising and examining:

  • Distinguished record of Doctorate & Master degree supervisions in NZ & Australia: RMIT, The University of Auckland, AUT;
  • Examination of Doctorate and Masters at universities in NZ: AUT, The University of Auckland, University of Canterbury, Massey University; and Australia: Monash University, University of Melbourne, James Cook University;
  • Specialises in practice-based research supervision: research of place and identity through contemporary jewellery; the body in art; urban art and the city; aesthetic knowledge and identity formations; philosophy of education focusing on Continental philosophies; art as experience John Dewey.


  • Abilities in public speaking;
  • Represented New Zealand internationally in public speaking;
  • Winner of Debating contests and Best Speaker Award;
  • Invited speaker many international conferences, symposia, events:  London, Brighton, Manchester, New York, St Louis, Munich, Viceu, Lisbon, Talin Estonia, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand.

Email contacts: elizabeth.grierson@rmit.edu.au   griersonproductions@gmail.com      gressonlaw@gmail.com