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A Gathering, Nicholas Lyon Gresson. Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne.


This collection brings together 15 of Gresson’s most recent poems, four vignettes and two short reflections on what the poetic means to him after more than 55 years of writing.

The poems in this collection were written between December 2013 and March 2015. They follow on from the publication of Nicholas Lyon Gresson’s two books, A Life in Poetry 2011 and Walking with Time 2013, Arcadia Press, Melbourne.

“Who puts the pieces together?
It is the wind.”

But it is also the man – and I like best his easy, colloquial voice, and the connections he forges between man and nature.

C.K. Stead — New Zealand Poet Laureate (appointed 2015) 

Highlight poems in A Gathering – see The Daily Advertiser Monday 7 November 2016

Poet Nicholas Lyon Gresson opens up about piece on Wagga floods


By Nicholas Lyon Gresson

Early or late

in sight of river air

let sweat and river roll

sever clock connections

for flood and crows dig deep into my soul.


Away there is talk of hope

but here hope is harrowing

shadows on the face of dark despair.


Again once-still willows

scrub and bend against the flood

dragging earth scars to water

pitting the maelstrom of meeting waters

tangling trees bleed screeching cockatoos

and the river is rushing

commotion snaps

the seeds for new-life mapped.


Again again

a magpie lands on a verandah rail

culverts creak and split

breaking banks succumb

the flood exceeds

the land forgives

the river water finds us

defines us as it flows.


Here summer touches the hearth of evening

away the bounding kangaroos

in my sight river shadows darken on a dry brown land.


That’s why we swim there

crying for water

husks entering the current.


Author’s Note:

Murrumbidgee, in Aboriginal language, Plenty Water, is a beautiful river through Wagga Wagga, but with a propensity to flood. The 2012 flood reached a peak height of 10.56 metres.


Walking with Time, Nicholas Lyon Gresson. Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne.


This collection shows Nicholas Lyon Gresson at full power. Walking With Time brings together a range of new works with searching discernment of people, place and time. Gresson draws the reader into a world of everyday moments with a sense of joy and irony, at times playful wit, and taunting powers of observation. Nonsense and the abyss are brought into light as his words ensnare the reader with the object of his focus. This is Gresson’s second book of poetry following A Life In Poetry, 2011.

My neighbour Nick Gresson is a seriously committed poet, alert to the world and the word and how they intersect – how the phrase can have a life beyond its source in reality, and how the reality can transmogrify into something it was not. This is perhaps the basis of his – and all – art.  C. K. Stead ONZ CBE New Zealand’s foremost writer and literary critic.


A Life In Poetry. Nicholas Lyon Gresson 

Elizabeth M. Grierson (Ed) Australian Scholarly Publishing, Melbourne.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.57.44 PM

This volume brings together the poetry of Nicholas Lyon Gresson covering 55 years of writing.The poems start with the writings of a sixteen year old boy in the 1950s, and they emerge through the decades of life to 2010, where we meet the seventy year old man whose modes of thought are revealing the world of our existence.

Nicholas Lyon Gresson was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 19 December 1939, to Terence Arbuthnot Gresson and Eleanor Lyon Gresson ne Denniston. Both parents had strong legal backgrounds, and Nicholas’ love and respect of the law is profound. Alongside writing and photography has been his immersion in work against crime, for which he was awarded a Royal Honour. Photography too has played a significant part in Gresson’s life, and he was the inaugural photographer forArt News Auckland, nowArts News New Zealand. The death of his eight year old son Emerson in 1982 led to a poignant series of poems in his son’s memory. Today his daughter and two grandsons live in Christchurch.



2009-12 ACARA Australia Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority Visual Arts Advisor for development of national Australian Curriculum: The Arts;

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Board member of Art Education Australia (AEA).

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Expert opinion and advice on artists, market, values, exhibition practices.


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